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The scammer may pretend to be an attractive, potential partner and strike up an online relationship with you.It may take some time and seem extremely believable.As part of Sweetie 2.0 a chatbot is developed that can be used globally to fight webcam sex with children.

Join the web Turing Contest and vote for which chatterbot you think is truly the most intellectually advanced.

Our part of the study aims to conduct a comparative criminal law analysis of the use of Sweetie 2.0 into the application of criminal law and criminal procedure to Sweetie 2.0 in about 20 legal systems worldwide.

With technology constantly evolving, one would think that chat bots get a little more convincing too.

Gooster gives urban travelers the most relevant and off the beaten track tips, tricks and recommendations on the go.

Gooster helps travelers with tips and recommendations for: - Food - Shopping - Nightlife - Events & Happenings - Sightseeing & Attractions - Useful tips about the destination itself (free stuff to do, good-to-know) This chatbot helps organizations (Small Medium and Large Enterprises) to understand what chatbots are and how they can leverage AI to improve their business.

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  1. The park will also boast a ‘sex playground’ complete with a water slide, an ambiguously named ‘train of pleasure’, and an erotic sculpture park. Actually having sex in the theme park is strictly prohibited.

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