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They were trying to convince you but now, you’ve been left with your head spinning and wondering where it all went so wrong. It can’t have done – you’re still bargaining and justifying that you had good reason to be in this situation, because it’s that classic Justifying Zone, the slippery slope where people go to after they’ve emotionally or sexually invested and need to find any reason, even one that’s straw-like to justify it.You keep wondering when they’re going to ‘come good’. In the case of affairs, we like to think there’s a whole load of damn good reasons why we would get into a situation like this and continue. It’s only further down the line when it suddenly occurs to you that you’re in an affair and that means you’re in something shady that you start wheeling out the reasons and searching for even more.To create a safe and personable venue for crossdressers, transsexuals or shemales to meet and find suitable dating partners.Our members whether transvestites or transsexuals have an informative way to choose from tens of thousands member personal profiles to locate possible new personal friends for dating anywhere in the world.You operate under this misguided notion that they’re an honest person being dishonest to the other party due to the circumstances, not because they’re actually dishonest. They lie to themselves, they lie to others, and they most definitely lie to you.If you’re anything like I was, you’ll think that you’re the one they’re being honest with. Of course some base their reasoning on a complex framework of lies and so will stubbornly cling to their lies, because to let go, would be to place the responsibility and accountability on themselves that they seek to dodge. You got played, even though they may deny it and claim that they really meant to cut you in, but something came up, or you ‘did’ something, or some other lame excuse. Don’t get me wrong – they’ll have done their wheeler-dealing, lying, omission, and even pressuring, but you knew that there were a lot of things wrong with this situation and you’ve also lied to yourself. My anger and indignation gradually gave way to grudging and then welcomed responsibility when I realised that I’d known what I was dealing with – I had just hoped to be exempt.

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