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This is done through the same preference panel: ol There’s nothing inherently wrong with setting the date and time yourself on a Mac, but if you change locations, if the computer has been off for an extended period, or maybe the Mac was sent into orbit for a while or out elsewhere into space and experienced the effects of special relativity, you may see the clocks are off as a result.Thus, it’s best to use the automatic settings in Mac OS X to determine location and set the time appropriately via Apple’s time servers.It could well be that there have been subsequent updates for 20, which I didn't find.Check that there aren't any updated pending for the affected machines.When you send a meeting request to an attendee in a different time zone, the meeting item is displayed at the respective local times on each person's calendar, but saved in UTC. If you organize a meeting and display free/busy time for invitees from other time zones, their busy times are adjusted so that they appear correctly in your time zone.For example, a meeting organizer in the United Stated Pacific time zone sends a meeting request for P. Pacific time to an attendee in the United States Mountain time zone. The second time zone is visible only when you view the calendar in day or week view.For users who do not want to enable location services, in situations where the Mac is not accessing the internet, or for whatever reason just don’t want to use the recommended automatic time detection settings (maybe you’re building a time machine?How exciting), you can also manually set the clock and date and time yourself in Mac OS X.

The two time zones can be, for example, your local time zone and the time zone of a city that you often travel to.

Click the clock once to bring up the detailed time and date display, which shows you a mini calendar and analog clock.

You may also see clocks for additional time zones here if you have previously enabled that feature.

The conversion from UTC to a local timezone for display is handled individually by each server's software.

Your servers probably all agreee on what time it is (i.e.

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