Error updating infotype 0009 in ess Sex cams no sighing up or flash

Therefore, you should always check the available user exits in the area for your needed enhancements.You can activate user exits in the SAP transactions SMOD and CMOD.Here you can see all SAP transaction codes and the called reports including a short header description. Transaction Dat RTGDI SAPLCPCC_DT Direct input for routings RTHCOC OM_START_NF Create Retail Object Assignment RTHCOD OM_START_NF Display Retail Object Assignment RTHCOM OM_START_NF Change Retail Object Assignment RTKB SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: KB_NRRANGE RTPB01 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: Application Transaction RTPB02 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: Tables RTPB03 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: Activities RTPB04 BUSVIEWS RPUS struct: Applications RTPB05 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field Group RTPB06 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Views RTPB07 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Sections RTPB08 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Screens RTPB09 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct: Screen Sequence RTPB10 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct: Events RTPB11 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Standard Functions RTPB12 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Additional Functions RTPB13 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Assignm scrn fld - DB fl RTPB14 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field Mod: Criteria RTPB15 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field Mod: Activity Category RTPB16 BUSVIEWS Create data set for retirement plan RTPB17 BUSVIEWS Retirement types RTPB18 BUSVIEWS RPUS Authorization types RTPB19 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field groups for authorization RVND RFIBLOPAY Create Payment Requests Online RWBE RWBEST01 Stock Overview RZPT SAPLARCH_RZPT_SResidence Time Maintenance Tool RZ01 RSRZADM2 Job Scheduling Monitor RZ02 RSRZOLD Network Graphics for SAP Instances RZ03 RSRZLST1 Presentation; Control SAP Instances RZ04 RSRZLST2 Maintain SAP Instances RZ06 RSRZOLD Alerts Thresholds Maintenance RZ08 RSRZOLD SAP Alert Monitor RZ10 SAPLSPFL Maintain Profile Parameters RZ11 RSPFLDOC Profile Parameter Maintenance RZ12 SAPMSMLG Maintain RFC Server Group Assignmen RZ15 SAPMSLOG Read XMI log RZ20 RSALSTMO CCMS Monitoring RZ21 SAPLSALU CCMS Monitoring Arch. SAD0 SAPMSAD0 Address Management call SAINT SAPLSAINT_UI Add-On Installation Tool SAKB0 SAPRAKBCONFIG AKB Configuration SAKB4 SAPRAKB_SHOW_EXCreate Usage Explanations SAKB5 SAPRAKB_CI_TABCCheck Table Enhancements SALE RBDSALE2 Display ALE Customizing SAMT SAPRSAMT ABAP Program Set Processing SARA SAPMAADM Archive Administration SARE SAPLAINS Archive Explorer SARFC RSARFCCHK Server Resources for Asynchron. for Traders TBX2 RFTBCO_TRANS_SEConversion of SEC Corresp.

Assignment) PA0002 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) PA0003 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status) PA0004 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0004 (Challenge) PA0006 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses) PA0008 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) PA0009 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) PA0011 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0011 (Ext. Reason and End of Employment T5A2C - Texts for Tax Exemption T5A2D - Tax Procedure and Reasons for Tax Exemption T5A2E - Income Tax Rates T5A2F - Tax Offices (A) T5A2G - Municipalities T5A2G_NEW - Municipality Code and Municipality Status T5A2G_NEW_PLZ - Postal Codes of Municipality T5A2L - Additional Information for Annual Data Medium L16 T5A2M - Damaging Actions/Reasons T5A2S - Deduction Amounts: Tax (A) T5A2S_PP - Commuter Rate (Kilometer Limit) T5A2S_PPT - Commuter Rate: Scaling Texts T5A2T - Tax Procedure (A) T5A4 - Process Control for Continued Pay T5A4A - General Absence Data T5A4B - Seniority T5A4C - Entitlement Quotas (Obsolete) T5A4D - Time-Dependent Entitlement Quotas T5A4F - Absence Categories for Collective Contract/Company Agreement T5A4G - Use of Absence Categories T5A4H - Date Specifications (Continued Pay) T5A4I - Absence Categories of Particular Importance T5A4O - Description of Attendance/Absence Categories T5A4P - Attendance/Absence Categories T5A4Q - Characteristics of Attendance/Absence Categories T5A4S - Assgmt Job/Pos. T5B11 - Tax Calculation Type (B) T5B12 - Spouse's Professions (B) T5B13 - Leave Regulation Taxes (B) T5B14 - Marital Status (B) T5B15 - Translation Table: Marital Status T5B16 - Reason for Exemption T5B16T - Reason for Exemption (Text) T5B17 - Fiche 281.## T5B17T - Fiche 281.## text T5B1A - Text Table Type Tax Calculation (B) T5B1B - Text Table Spouse's Professions (B) T5B1C - Text Table Leave Regulation Taxes (B) T5B1D - Text Table Marital Status (B) T5B1E - Employee Groupings for Institution Tables T5B1ET - Text table for identity table employee grouping T5B1H - Relationships Betw.

adjust PAL1 SAPMP50A Create Sales Representative PAL2 SAPMP50A Display Sales Representative PAL3 SAPMP50A Maintain Sales Representative PAL4 SAPMP50A Create Buyer PAL5 SAPMP50A Maintain Buyer PAL6 SAPMP50A Display Buyer PAR1 RPLICO10 Flexible Employee Data PAR2 RPLMIT00 Employee List PAT1 SAPMPAT1 Personnel Administration Info Syste PAUX SAPMPAKY Adjustment Workbench PAUY SAPMPAKY Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.) PAW1 SAPMPW01 Who is who PAZZ RPLICO30 Call Word interface PA0A SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HRPERSON PA00 MENUPA00 Initial PA Master Data Menu PA03 SAPMP52X Maintain Personnel Control Record PA05 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: RP_COIFT PA06 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NR PA07 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: RP_GARNEM PA08 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: RP_GARNSUB PA09 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HR_MMSRV PA10 SAPMP50A Personnel File PA20 SAPMP50A Display HR Master Data PA30 SAPMP50A Maintain HR Master Data PA40 SAPMP50A Personnel Actions PA41 SAPMP50A Change Entry/Leaving Date PA42 SAPMP50A Fast Entry for Actions PA48 SAPMPRAP Hiring from non-SAP system PA51 SAPMP50A Display Time Data PA53 SAPMP50A Display Time Data PA61 SAPMP50A Maintain Time Data PA62 SAPMP50A List Entry of Additional Data PA63 SAPMP50A Maintain Time Data PA64 SAPMP50A Calendar Entry PA70 SAPMP50A Fast Entry PA71 SAPMP50A Fast Entry of Time Data PA97 RPUCMP00 Compensation administration - matri PA98 RPUCMP30 Compensation Administration PA99 RPICMP00 Compensation Admin. SOY3 RSSOSTVW SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation SOY4 RSSOLAZY SAPoffice: Access overview SOY5 RSSOINBO SAPoffice: Inbox overview SOY6 RSSOPRIV SAPoffice: Document overview SOY7 RSSOFOLD SAPoffice: Folder overview SOY8 RSSOAPUT SAPoffice: Mass Archiving SOY9 RSSOMOVE SAPoffice: Inbox Reorg. telephony in system SPIA SPI_ADM_CU PMI Administration SPIC RSPO1055 Spool installation check SPID SPI_PS_SHOW_1 Display Process Repository SPIM SPI_CM_MAINTAINProcess Monitoring: Meta Data SPIO SPI_PS_SHOW Process Monitoring Overview SPIS SPI_UI_START Start User Interface for Monitoring SPOV SAPMSPAD Spool Request Overview SPPFC START_CUSTOMIZIPPF: Initial Screen in Customizing SPPFP RSPPFPROCESS Process Actions SPRM SAPL0OBJ Update settings SPRO SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_Customizing - Edit Project SPTP SAPMSPTP Text elem. for print formats SPUMG SAPLSPUMG Unicode Pre-Migration SP00 MENUSP00 Spool and related areas SP01 RSPOSP01NR Output Controller SP01O RSPOSP01 Spool Controller SP02 RSPOSP01NR Display Spool Requests SP02O RSPOSP01 Display Output Requests SP03 RSPO0048 Spool: Load Formats SP1T RSPOSP01 Output Control (Test) SP11 RSTS0012 Tem Se directory SP12 RSTS0010 Tem Se Administration SQCIT SAPLSQADB08 Maintain CI Templates SQLR SQLR0001 SQL Trace Interpreter SQVI SAPMS38R Quick Viewer SQ00 SAPMS38R SAP Query: Start queries SQ01 SAPMS38R SAP Query: Maintain queries SQ02 SAPMS38O SAP Query: Maintain Info Set SQ03 SAPMS38S SAP Query: Maintain user groups SQ07 SAPMS38P SAP Query: Language comparison SQ09 SAPMS38U SAP Query: Maintain additional func SQ10 RSAQ_ROLE_ADMINSAP Query: Role Administration SQ11 RSAQ_WEBRELEASESAP Query: Web reporting (Admin) SRCN RSRPCNTR Delete Country-Specific Reports SRET RKKBRPTR Report Selection SRET06 RSRET_INDEX_MONDummy Transaction SRET07 RSRET_INDEX_MONMonitoring for Indexing: Non-KPRO SREV START_REVIEW_TOReview Authoring Environment SRIP RSRETIP01 Import of Training Indexes SRMD SAPLROUTING_MODLocal Routing&Mapping Configuration SRMO SAPMSRAD SAP Retrieval - Monitor SRMO1 RSRET_IMS_MONITCall of IMS Monitoring SRN1 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRCITY SRN2 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRSTREET SRN3 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRPSTCOD SROLE SMUM_EXPORT_ROLExport User Roles to XML doc. Type TBLT02 RFTBLT02 Limit: Move Data to Generated Table TBLT03 RFTBLT03 Limit: Delete Generated Table TBLT04 RFTBLT04 Limit: Reorganiz. TBLT05 RFTBLT05 Limit: Check Analysis Characterist. TLD1 SAPMKCEE Execute data mining report TLD2 SAPMKCEE Create Data Mining Report TLD3 SAPMKCEE Change Data Mining Report TLD4 SAPMKCEE Display Data Mining Report TLD5 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Create Form TLD6 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Change Form TLD7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display Form TLD8 RKCDUMDM Display Results of Data Mining TLL1 RFTBLL_MASS Limit: Create Limit Transfer TLL2 RFTBLL_MASS Limit: Change Limit Transfer TLL3 RFTBLL_MASS Limit: Display Limit Transfer TLL4 RFTBLL_CDOC Limit Transfer: Change Documents TLL5 RFTBLL_MASS Limit Transfer: Collective Process.

- Release Repor PBAA RPAPL008 Evaluate recruitment instrument PBAB RPAPUT00 Maintain vacancy assignments PBAC SAPMPAP0 Applicant statistics PBAD RPAPRT05 Recurring tasks: Print letters PBAE SAPMPAP0 Applicant pool PBAF SAPMPAP0 Vacancy assignment list PBAG SAPMPAP0 Screening PBAH SAPMPAP0 Decision PBAI SAPMPAP0 All applicants via qualifications PBAJ SAPMPAP0 Recruitment info system PBAK SAPMPAP0 Recurring Tasks: Print Labels PBAL SAPMPAP0 Bulk processing PBAM SAPMPAP0 Variable Applicant List PBAN SAPMPAP0 Ad Hoc Query PBAO SAPMPAP0 ABAP Query PBAP SAPMPAP0 Internal Applicants Via Quals PBAQ SAPMPAP0 External Applicants Via Quals PBAT SAPMPAP0 Choose SAPscript or Win Word PBAU SAPMPAP0 Maintain T750C PBAV SAPMPAP0 Display T750C PBAW SAPMPAP0 Maintain T750B PBAX SAPMPAP0 Display T750B PBAY SAPMPAP0 Maintain T750X PBAZ SAPMPAP0 Display T750X PBA0 SAPMPAP0 Evaluate advertisements PBA1 SAPMPAP0 Applicant index PBA2 SAPMPAP0 List of applications PBA3 SAPMPAP0 Applicant vacancy assignment list PBA4 SAPMPAP0 Receipt of application PBA5 RPAPRT01 Recurring tasks: Print letters PBA6 RPAPRT02 Recurring tasks: Print letters PBA7 RPAPRT09 Recurring tasks: Data transfer PBA8 RPAPRT04 Recurring tasks: Transfer data PBA9 SAPMPAP0 List of planned actions PBWW SAPMPAP9 Customizing standard text in Win Wor PBW1 SAPMPW02 Career Center PBW2 SAPMPW03 Application Status PBW3 SAPMPW12 Internet scenario for applicant PBW4 SAPMPW10 Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE PBW5 SAPMPW10 Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE PB00 MENUPB00 Recruitment PB04 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: RP_PAPL PB10 SAPMP50A Init.entry of applicant master data PB2A H99_B2AMANAGER B2A Manager PB20 SAPMP50A Display applicant master data PB30 SAPMP50A Maintain applicant master data PB40 SAPMP50A Applicant actions PB50 SAPMPAP3 Display Applicant Activities PB60 SAPMPAP3 Maintain Applicant Activities PB80 SAPMPAP0 Evaluate vacancies PCA SAPLPCA_DIALOG_Payment Cards PCA_MC PCA_MASS_CRYPTIMass Encryption /Decryption PCA_SC PCA_SERVER_CHECServer Check PCA0 MENUPCA0 Production campaign menu PCA1 RCAMPAIN Creating a Production Campaign PCA2 RCAMPAIN Change Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen PCCO RCAMPAIN Production Campaign: Costs PCCV BUSVIEWS Payment Card: Field Grouping PCC0 RPLFAKC4 Maintnce bonuses Switz. SO00 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Short Message SO01 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Inbox SO01X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Inbox SO02 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Outbox SO02X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Outbox SO03 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Folders SO03X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Folders SO04 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared Folders SO04X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared Folders SO05 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Trash SO05X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Trash SO06 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Substitution on/off SO07 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Resubmission SO07X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Resubmission SO10 SAPMSSCE SAPscript: Standard Texts SO12 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: User Master SO13 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Substitute SO15 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Distribution Lists SO16 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Profile SO17 RSSOTRCL SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash SO18 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared Trash SO19 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Default Documents SO20 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Default Document SO21 RSSOPCDR Maintain PC Work Directory SO22 RSSODLPC SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. SRSE SAPMSRAD Test Search for the IMS SRTM SAPRTMMASTER Run Time Monitor Initial Screen SRTV SRTV_CUST1 Text Retrieval: Customizing SRZL MENUSRZL SR10 SAPLSZRC Create City SR11 SAPLSZRC Change city SR12 SAPLSZRC Display city SR13 RSIWR_HELP_DISPArea-Dependent Help SR20 SAPLSZRT Create street SR21 SAPLSZRT Change street SR22 SAPLSZRT Display street SR30 SAPLSZRP Create postal code SR31 SAPLSZRP Change postal code SR32 SAPLSZRP Display postal code SSAA SAPMSRR1 System Administration Assistant SSC RSSC0000 SAP R/3 appointment diary (internal SSCA SAPMSSCA Appointment Calendar: Administratio SSCA1 RSSCADMUSRCONSTAppointment calendar: Administratio SSCV RSSC5000 Appoint. TLMA RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree TLMB RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch Variants TLMC SAPMKCIC Limit Management: Manage Comments TLMD RKDREPDV Split Report TLMG RKE_CALL_VC_TKELimit Management: Character.

In the current Employee self service(ESS), when the personal information is updated by the employee, it directly updates the record in the database.

There are some organizations, where they want to validate the employee record before they actually get updated in SAP HR infotypes.

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Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions (about 16000 ) sorted by transaction code. Assertions and Breakpoints SADJ SAPLSCT1 Customizing Transfer Assistant SADP SAPMSADR Contact person addr.maint. SBI3 RSAO0007 Maintain append for Info Source SBI4 RSAO0008 Maintain append for master data SBI5 RSAO0009 Delete Info Objects SBMA SAPLSBMA_TRANSABOR Migration Assistant SBPT MENUSBPT Administration Process Technology SBRAC SAPLBCOM_R_ATTCCatalog of Routing Attributes SBRT SAPLBCOM_R_TESTBCOM RBR: Test Interface SBRT2 SAPLBCOM_R_TESTRouting Test SBRT3 RSBCOM_SBRT3_STRBR Test Server - Configuration SBTA SAPMSSY2 Test background processing SBWP SAPMSSO0 SAP Business Workplace SB01 ADITEST8 Business Navigator - Component View SCAL SAPMSFT0 Factory Calendar with GUI SCASE SAPCMGSTART Case Management SCAT SAPMSCAT Computer Aided Test Tool SCA2 SAPMSFT2 Cannot be executed directly SCA3 SAPMSFT3 Cannot be executed directly SCA4_D SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly SCA4_U SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly SCA5_D SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly SCA5_U SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly SCA6_D SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly SCA6_U SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly SCCL SAPMSCC1 Local Client Copy SCC1 SAPMSCC1 Client Copy - Special Selections SCC3 RSCCPROT Client Copy Log SCC5 SAPMSCC1 Delete Client SCC7 SAPMSCC1 Post-Client Import Methods SCC8 SAPMSCC1 Client Export SCC9 SAPMSCC1 Remote Client Copy SCDN SAPMSNUM Change Documents: Number Ranges SCDO SAPMSCDO Display Change Document Objects SCEM SAPMSCEM CATT - EM SCFB GRM_START_FUNCTRole Manager: Start of a Function SCI SAPLS_CODE_INSPABAP Code Inspector SCID SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector for Specified Object SCII SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector: Inspection SCMA SAPLSCMA Schedule Manager: Scheduler SCMATP SAPLSCMA Sched Man: Task List Maintenance SCMO RKRUNMONI Schedule Manager: Monitor SCMP SAPLSCT1 View/Table Comparison SCMSMO SCMS_CS_MONITORKnowledge Provider Monitor SCON RSCONN07 SAPconnect - Administration SCOOL RS_COL_WB_AS_STCOOL Repository SCOT RSCONN07 SAPconnect - Administration SCP RSCPSEGMENT_SHODisplay and Maintain Code Page SCPI MENUSCPI Production Optimization Interface SCPM SAPMSCEM CATT - EM SCPMIG RSCP0126 Character Conversion SCPRAT SAPLSCPRMP Change BC Set Value Attributes SCPRIP SAPLSCPRMP Delete Several BC Sets SCPR10 SAPSCPR5 BC Sets: Compare after transport SCPR20 SAPSCPR7 BC Sets: Activate SCPR3 SCPR3 Display and maintain BC Sets SCPR92 SAPSCPR6 BC Sets: Maintenance tool 2 SCRE GRM_START_REPORRole Manager: Start of a Report SCRK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: CSCR_KEYN SCRM SCRMSHOW CRM-Relevant IMG in Plug In of R/3 SCUA SAPMSCUA Central User Administration SCUC RSUSRSCUC CUA: Synchronize company addresses SCUG RSUSLAND Transfer Users SCUL SAPMUSLG Central User Administration Log SCUM RSUSLAND Central User Administration SCU0 SAPLSCT1 Customizing Cross-System Viewer SCU3 RSTBHIST Table History SCWB SCWBENTR Correction Workbench SC38 SAPMS38M Start Report (Remote) SDBE SAPMSDBE Explain an SQL statement SDCC BDLSDDCC Service Data Control Center SDD1 SDDORD01 Duplicate Sales Documents in Period SDMO MSDMEN00 Dynamic Menu (old) SDOCU SAPLS_DOKU_HIERMaintain Documentation Structure SDO1 SDORDE01 Orders within time period SDPI SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: SD_PICKING SDQ1 SDQUOT01 Expiring Quotations SDQ2 SDQUOT02 Expired Quotations SDQ3 SDQUOT03 Completed Quotations SDV SDV_VIEWER Document Viewing SDVK SDCRSL01 Purchase Analysis Sales Documents SDV1 SDCONT01 Expiring Contracts SDV2 SDCONT02 Expired Contracts SDV3 SDCONT03 Completed Contracts SDWB BDLDEVLP Service Definition Work Bench SDW0 MENUSDW0 ABAP Development WB Initial Screen SD11 SAPMUD00 Data Modeler SECATT SAPLECATT_MAIN Extended Computer Aided Test Tool SECOCO RS_CONTROL_COMPControl Composer SECR RSAUDIT0 Audit Information System SECSTO RSECADMIN Administration of Secure Memory SENG SAPLSF4E Administration of External Indexes SEPA SAPLEPSS EPS Server: Administration SEPS SAPLEPSC SAP Electronic Parcel Service SERP SAPMSERP Reporting: Change Tree Structure SESS SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display SETB RFFMSETB Direct Input for BUSAB SE01 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer (Extended) SE03 SAPCTS_TOOLS Transport Organizer Tools SE06 RDDINSTR Set Up Transport Organizer SE07 RDDSTR01 CTS Status Display SE09 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer SE10 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer SE11 DD_START ABAP Dictionary SE12 DD_START ABAP/4 Dictionary Display SE13 SAPMSEDS Maintain Technical Settings (Tables SE14 SAPMSGTB Utilities for Dictionary Tables SE15 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste SE16 SAPLSETB Data Browser SE16N RK_SE16N General Table Display SE17 SAPMSTAZ General Table Display SE18 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: Definitions SE19 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: Implementations SE21 PACKAGE_BUILDERPackage Builder SE24 SEO_STARTUP Class Builder SE29 SAPMAPAD Application Packets SE30 SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis SE32 RSTEXTELEMENTE ABAP Text Element Maintenance SE33 SAPMS33C Context Builder SE35 SAPMSDIA ABAP/4 Dialog Modules SE36 SAPMSLDB Logical Database Builder SE37 SAPMS38L ABAP Function Modules SE38 RSABAPPROGRAM ABAP Editor SE39 RS_WB_SPLIT_EDISplitscreen Editor: (New) SE39O SAPMSEDC Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare SE40 SAPMSEUN MP: Standards Maint. Syste SLLS SAPMSLLS Translation Statistics SLLT SAPMSLLT Translation Performance Statistics SLPP SAPMSLW_SLPP Proposal Pool SLWA SAPMSLW_ADMIN Translation Environment Admin. TBZ6 RFTXI300 Match Incoming SWIFT Confirmation TBZ7 RFTBCO_DEL Delete corr.

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