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The sheer number of episodes being produced of this show (close to fifty per annum) is staggering and mostly works through the conceit of having a very large cast of regulars and giving them each at least one scene per episode, thereby reducing the load on the main star.This seems increasingly necessary as Charlie Sheen mumbles through scenes with eyes half closed, at times almost seeming in a stupor.Living Dappled is a blog for girls and by girls with vitiligo – and that’s why our guest bloggers are so important to our mission.As bloggers for Living Dappled, these eight women have written articles about their personal experiences with vitiligo since we launched in June.This episode expands the scope even further to show some of his father's neighbours, a Latino family, a plot device that allows for some mild racist jokes and the kind of conflict that generates effective chuckles.I doubt Anger Management will ever be considered a television classic but it deserves attention for managing to juggle so many regular characters effectively and creating a sustainable comic atmosphere across all elements of its main character's adventures.

It has to be said that Anger Management's formula is starting to work for it.The dissident MS503 is largely comprised of two “programs,” which are clusters of gang cells known as “clicas.” Authorities believe the two programs, the Fulton and the Normandis, control part of the departments of Chalatenango, Ahuachapán, Sonsonate and San Miguel.The MS13’s internal divisions could lead to increasing violence in El Salvador, particularly as the traditional ban on targeting family members appears to have been revoked.According to the agency that oversees the country’s prisons, the order to target the MS503 also applies to the dissidents’ families — a policy that breaks with a longstanding tradition that barred gang members from targeting family members as retaliation.Over the past five weeks, the assassinations of women and elderly people allegedly linked to the MS503 have reportedly increased.

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But the conflict did not stop with his death, and violence within the gang seems to have recently intensified both inside and outside El Salvador’s penitentiaries.

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