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Pals of the Bristol-based school girl feared she could have been "brainwashed" by fanatics online.

ISIS has taken advantage of technology in many ways, from spreading its message on Twitter to using encrypted messaging apps like Telegram.

An intelligence officer based in nearby Jordan revealed: "We were approached by a family whose daughter was speaking to dangerous people online.""I told them to close her Twitter and Telegram [accounts] but they said, 'No, it's the dating site she is on'."The girl is said to have been messaged by a man who attempted to persuade her to come to ISIS 'capital' Raqqa.

"He told her about the big house she would have and the servants," the spy added."[He said] her husband would be a handsome fighter – he even sent her photos of the beautiful jewellery he would buy her."Her case just shows you that even on dating sites ISIS is recruiting."It comes two years after Brit teen Yusra Hussein was groomed on a Twitter account called Jihadi Matchmaker.

His profile picture had him wearing a uniform and holding a gun, but he described himself as “shy”.

Iraq is one huge world heritage site, a unique storehouse of art and archaeology.

Below we present a few of the country's extraordinary monuments, all threatened by the current war.

Situated on the top of a tell in Iraqi Kurdistan and overlooking the city of Erbil, the Erbil Citadel constitutes a typical example of Ottoman-era urban-planning.

In addition to its 19th century fortifications, the site also contains remains dating back to the Assyrian period.

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The table is sortable by column by clicking on the at the top of the appropriate column; alphanumerically for the Site, Area, and Year columns; by state party for the Location column; and by criteria type for the Criteria column. Located on the Tigris and dating from the 3rd millennium BCE, Ashur was the first capital of the Assyrian Empire and the religious centre of the Assyrians.

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